Perk Up: How To Make The Most Of Your Breast Lift

For those who are aging, have experienced significant weight loss, or have breastfed in the past, drooping and sagging breasts can be an unwelcome reality for many. Luckily, the advances in surgical procedures allow doctors to perform breast lifts which completely revitalize the breasts. From sagging and sad to perky and rejuvenated, a breast lift instantly transforms your d├ęcolletage into something to be proud of. Read ahead for a few factors to consider when scheduling a breast lift and what can contribute to the best results possible. [Read More]

Why Consider Testosterone Therapy For Men?

As men age, they naturally start to lose testosterone, much like women begin lacking in estrogen as they age. While men don't go through something as definitive and obvious as menopause, they can suffer from a decrease in testosterone with age. This can affect sexual performance, behavior, and other parts of life. You should consider testosterone therapy as either a cosmetic or medical procedure for your needs, be it age-related testosterone loss or other reasons you have to increase your testosterone performance. [Read More]

Questions To Ask During Your Breast Augmentation Consultation

For many women, breast augmentation surgery helps them look and feel their very best by boosting their self-confidence. The process of breast augmentation surgery typically begins with an initial consultation with a plastic surgeon. During this consultation, the surgeon will discuss the ins and outs of the procedure, including the recovery time and what you can expect to occur during and after the surgery. Here are a few critical questions you need to ask your surgeon during your breast augmentation consultation. [Read More]

5 Reasons To Choose Botox Injections As An Anti-Aging Solution

Have you noticed fine wrinkles or other imperfections on your face? If so, you have likely considered it as part of the aging process. Perhaps you think that having a more youthful appearance will require you to get surgery. Many individuals have reservations when it comes to surgical procedures to reverse the signs of aging. Some have fears. Others may have concerns about being able to pay for interventions such as facelifts. [Read More]