Ask To Speak To A Former Breast Augmentation Patient And Ask These Questions

During your initial consultation at a cosmetic surgery clinic to learn about breast augmentation, you'll likely have a long list of questions to ask the surgeon. He or she will adeptly address each query that you have, but you may also have a desire to speak to someone who has been through the procedure that you're considering. Many cosmetic surgery clinics can put you in touch with past clients; these are clients who have identified that they'd be happy to speak to prospective clients about their experiences. [Read More]

3 Common Questions About What Happens After Liposuction Treatment

If you have a stubborn area of fat on your body, whether it is on your neck, your stomach, or elsewhere, liposuction is an excellent solution. During this cosmetic procedure, a thin vacuum-like device is inserted through the skin and the fatty tissue is sucked out. The procedure basically eliminates the excess fat in the area so there are quick and noticeable results. However, what happens after the procedure is complete? [Read More]

Four Things You Need To Know About PRP Therapy

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy is a procedure that uses your body's own plasma for a series of injections; these injections can be used for a multitude of purposes. The plasma is rich in proteins that encourage cell growth. New cells will grow and replace the old, damaged tissue. Though PRP therapy is an established treatment for sports injuries, it is rising in popularity for cosmetic purposes as well. Many are finding that PRP therapy can help reverse hair loss and encourage new hair growth. [Read More]

Reasons To Consider Laser Hair Removal Around Your Eyebrows

People who think of laser hair removal commonly consider a number of areas — women may wish to have hair removed from their legs and underarms. The good news is that many clinics that specialize in this treatment can remove hair from a number of places around your body. Laser hair removal around your eyebrows is something that many women may wish to consider. One or more appointments dedicated to removing excess hair from this part of your body can result in a number of advantages, including these three: [Read More]