Choosing the Right Cosmetic Procedures

2 Common Cosmetic Procedures That Will Help To Restore Your Post-Pregnancy Body Confidence

Pregnancy is often considered one of life's most treasured times. The miracle of nurturing a baby is an incredible experience that brings enormous joy to a woman's life. Unfortunately, pregnancy often takes a heavy toll on your body and often leaves it looking and feeling considerably different.

Diet and exercise can help enormously to regain your pre-baby physique but sometimes the effects of hormones and the stretching of skin and muscles mean that certain parts of your body are permanently changed due to pregnancy. If you have stubborn physical changes and they're affecting your self-confidence, then here are two common cosmetic procedures that are popular for post-pregnancy bodies.

1. Tummy tuck surgery

The abdomen is the part of the body that bears the most strain during pregnancy. The muscles and skin are stretched to an incredible degree to accommodate the growing baby and this can result in a stomach that is impossible to tone even with intensive exercise. The scarring from a c-section can also cause a pouch-like overhang of skin, muscle and scar tissue.

A tummy tuck removes excess fat and excess skin that is scarred with stretch marks to reshape the abdomen into a taut and flat area once again. Your surgeon can also help to tighten up lax and stretched muscles in the abdominal area.

You can expect some scarring after this procedure but using a skilled surgeon will help to minimize this. Performing proper post-operative instructions and using clinically proven scar- reduction lotions will help to fade the scarring over time until it's barely noticeable.

2. Breast implant surgery

The breasts are the other body parts that are generally impacted heavily by pregnancy. The hormones involved with pregnancy and nursing are partly responsible for this and the rapid and quite dramatic growth of breasts during this time can also impact the appearance of breasts in the post-pregnancy stage and after you finish nursing.

Breast implants can help to give stretched and sagging breasts a fuller and perkier appearance. You can opt for implants that replicate the cup-size that your breasts were in the post-pregnancy days. Many women also use this surgery as an opportunity to increase or decrease their original breast size if it was something they were previously unhappy with.

Although it is possible to nurse subsequent babies after breast implant surgery, ideally you should wait until you've finished having babies to have this procedure done. Even with implants, the stretching of breast tissue and pregnancy hormones may cause breasts to change and sag during pregnancy and nursing.

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