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6 Things You Shouldn't Assume About Permanent Eyeliner

Permanent eyeliner might be a great option for enhancing your appearance in a convenient way. Unfortunately, you might come across misinformation about permanent eyeliner that leaves you misinformed about what permanent eyeliner is and how it works.

The following are six things you shouldn't assume regarding permanent eyeliner. 

It hurts a lot when you get permanent eyeliner.

Those who undergo the procedure to get permanent eyeliner typically don't experience a significant amount of pain. While some people may experience a scratching sensation, this shouldn't really be painful. If those who wish to undergo the procedure are concerned about pain, they can request numbing cream during the procedure. 

Everyone knows when someone has permanent eyeliner.

Many people think that permanent eyeliner looks very unnatural so that everyone knows when someone has had it put on. However, permanent eyeliner can look very natural so that no one could guess that someone has it.

If you want your permanent eyeliner to look natural, simply specify that this is your preference and you will see that permanent eyeliner doesn't have to be obvious. 

Permanent eyeliner is different from semi-permanent eyeliner.

Permanent eyeliner is sometimes referred to as "semi-permanent" eyeliner. In fact, permanent eyeliner and semi-permanent eyeliner are generally the same thing. 

You have less freedom to change up your makeup with permanent eyeliner.

Getting permanent eyeliner doesn't mean that your makeup has to look exactly the same every day. There are plenty of things you can do with makeup to jazz up the appearance of your eyes. Don't think that it's boring to have permanent eyeliner because you can't make any changes to the way it looks. 

Permanent eyeliner and tattoos aren't the same thing.

Those who get permanent eyeliner put on should know that permanent eyeliner is basically a tattoo. If you are comfortable with tattoos, you should know that getting permanent eyeliner put on involves a similar procedure.

Of course, permanent eyeliner is generally less obvious and ostentatious than a tattoo. Permanent eyeliner is like a tattoo that can simplify your makeup application regime every morning. 

Permanent eyeliner maintains its appearance exactly as time goes on.

While permanent eyeliner is done via tattooing, that doesn't mean that permanent eyeliner is exactly permanent. Like a tattoo, permanent eyeliner will tend to fade over time. This makes it so that people who get permanent eyeliner usually go in for touch-ups every few years so that their permanent eyeliner maintains its appearance.

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