Choosing the Right Cosmetic Procedures

Tips for Anyone Just Starting to Consider Breast Augmentation

For most patients, the decision to undergo breast augmentation is a process. You slowly start learning a little more about it, considering the finer points of the treatment, and deciding whether it is right for you. If you're at these beginning stages and just starting to consider breast augmentation, here are some tips you may find helpful.

1. Don't Rule Out Fat Transfer as an Option

Silicone and saline implants are the best-known breast augmentation methods, and they are the most common. But fat transfer procedures, which involve moving fat from your buttocks or abdomen into your breasts, are also an option. Make sure you discuss the possibility of fat transfer with your plastic surgeon. It's not an option for everyone. Some women don't have enough fat to transfer, and some want breasts that are larger than can be achieved via fat transfer. However, if you are a good candidate for fat transfer, it can yield more natural results and fewer risks.

2. Plan for Time Off

Patients are often overly optimistic as to how soon they can return to work and other activities after breast augmentation. Your surgeon will often tell you that you can start moving around more and returning to normal activities after a week. However, everyone recovers at a different rate, and even if you can safely move around at this point, it probably won't be comfortable. Make sure you plan for plenty of time off — at least two weeks — when scheduling your breast augmentation.

3. Consider Your Lifestyle

When deciding how large you want your breasts to be, make sure you consider your lifestyle. Yes, the idea of a G cup may appeal to you visually, but are you prepared for the challenges of living with such large breasts? Engaging in athletic activities and staying comfortable in the heat can get challenging with larger breasts. You deserve the breast size you desire, but make sure you consider lifestyle when deciding breast size.

4. Ask Your Surgeon's Opinion

When you go in for a consultation with a plastic surgeon, ask them for their opinion. They have performed breast augmentation on plenty of patients, and they tend to have a good idea of what looks good and what doesn't. You don't have to let them make all of your decisions for you, but at least consider their informed opinion.

As you consider whether breast augmentation is for you and begin making plans for it, just make sure you keep the tips above in mind. To learn more, contact a plastic surgeon near you.