Choosing the Right Cosmetic Procedures

Emsculpting: The Body Sculpting of the Future

When most people hear about body sculpting, they assume that it is something only severely overweight people do. However, did you know that there is a new method of body sculpting that will not only remove fat but add muscle to your body? It may sound impossible, but studies have shown that the repeated use of emsculpting could help millions of Americans to get the body that they have been longing for. Since emsculpting is relatively new to the body sculpting industry, there are not many consumer reviews available online. However, here are a few of the many reasons why you may want to schedule an appointment today.

Fat Loss

Emsculpting uses hyper-focused electromagnetic energy to damage fat cells through the skin. While you may not feel anything during your treatments, your fat cells will be in a fight for their life. Some damaged fat cells will immediately shrink away, though others will take some time. This is why you will continue to see results in the months following your treatments. 

Gains Where You Want Them

Fortunately, emsculpting is much more than just fat loss. Were it not, it would be very similar to coolsculpting or other body sculpting methods. As it is, emsculpting is the only body sculpting method that is proven to build muscle while depleting fat stores. For this reason, it is likely to be the most popular body sculpting method in the near future.

Think about it: with summer fast approaching, you could finally have that 6-pack. Instead of spending hours and hours in the gym, you can have a 30-minute session, which some doctors have compared to doing 20,000 situps. That would take you months at the gym to accomplish. Who has that kind of time? Get your gains now.

Instant Results

While it may seem too good to be true, some emsculpting patients notice results immediately following their treatments. Your ab muscles may stand out due to the stimulation. For optimal treatment results, it is recommended that you wait until about 4 months after your final treatment before determining the full effects of the procedure. 

In conclusion, emsculpting can offer you the body that you have been seeking for years. Check with your doctor or local body sculpting clinic to see if emsculpting ‚Äčis right for you. If you have been trying to lose weight, but just need help with those final pounds or that definition, get an appointment today.