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Ask To Speak To A Former Breast Augmentation Patient And Ask These Questions

During your initial consultation at a cosmetic surgery clinic to learn about breast augmentation, you'll likely have a long list of questions to ask the surgeon. He or she will adeptly address each query that you have, but you may also have a desire to speak to someone who has been through the procedure that you're considering. Many cosmetic surgery clinics can put you in touch with past clients; these are clients who have identified that they'd be happy to speak to prospective clients about their experiences. Once you get paired up with someone who was once in your shoes, here are some questions that you'll want to ask.

What Might You Change?

It's always a good idea to ask the former breast augmentation patient what she might change if she were to go through the process again. You might hear that she wouldn't change a thing, and this will speak well to the surgeon and the clinic. However, it's not a bad thing if the patient suggests that she might change a thing or two. Perhaps she wouldn't have increased her cup size as dramatically, or maybe she would have booked a breast lift at the same time. These are details that you can consider for yourself.

How Did The Recovery Process Go?

Breast augmentation patients will often be curious about the recovery process. Your surgeon will detail what you can expect, but it's always a comforting feeling to hear about the process directly from someone who has been through it. Hearing what the former patient has to say can help you tailor your expectations. For example, you might be eager to get back to work quickly, but if the former patient tells that you she rushed her recovery and regretted it, you'll want to heed this advice and take it easy.

How Did Augmentation Change Your Life?

The manner in which breast augmentation changes the lives of its patients is deeply personal — what might be one patient's experience won't necessarily be yours. However, it can be advantageous to ask the former patient about how the procedure changed her life. You can then assess the answers to gauge how they might apply to you. For example, the former patient may explain that her self-confidence increased more than she even expected after going through the procedure. If you're thinking of having your breasts augmented with the goal of boosting your self-esteem, you'll likely be happy to hear this news.